WomenOne is a charitable organization focused on the education of girls and women.  Founded  by Dayle, WomenOne is a 501(c)3 based in New York.  WomenOne partners with other NGOs including: Free The Children, UNICEF, Vital Voices, Women for Women, V Day etc... and other girl-focused grass roots programs, working both in the field and in her New York base to create opportunities and fuel girl's ambitions.

WomenOne's initial project was to build the first all girl high school in one of the poorest parts of the Maasai Mara, Kenya.  The girls at Kisaruni High School are in their third year now and are confident about their place in the future.  Without this opportunity, the future of these girls would be circumcision, an arranged marriage, and a probable life of poverty.  Today, they are earning top grades and proudly proclaim they want to be a pilot, a doctor, a child's rights lawyer.  Their progress is so unusual that it earned them the lead story in a recent 60 Minutes piece.

Dayle recently returned from traveling throughout Turkey on behalf of the Turkish Philanthropy Funds.  She visited different programs benefitting women and girls in place there.  WomenOne will now support underprivileged girls high school education.  WomenOne will also build a Turkish Syrian Peace Center for both Turks and Syrian refugees on the border to develop and heal relations as well as continue their educations in their emergency situation.

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