The 5 Principles of Ageless Living

The Five Principles of Ageless Living, a best seller in both the US and in China, is a positive and spirited program for women age forty and over.  It offers inspiring and practical solutions in the related areas of beauty, wellness, spirit, wisdom, and community. Based on Dayle's professional knowledge with over 40 years in the beauty business and her own personal self-care practices, these principles provide unique and practical ways for women to enhance the many dimensions of their lives.

The 5 Principles of Ageless Living is a beauty bible: a guide to the infinite possibilities in each of us, the Ageless Living Principles help us realize that we don't have to settle.


Hardcover Edition Of The 5 Principles Of Ageless Living, photographed by Art Streiber in Malibu, California



Paperback Edition for the US

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Chinese Edition Of The 5 Principles Of Ageless Living, A Best-Seller In Both Mandarin & Cantonese.